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The Birth of Comic Sans

The Birth of Comic Sans: Seeing this font used in any capacity makes me violently ill.

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Moi aussi.

Mush | 1 Feb 2006

I work for a school district’s print shop. You have NO idea how much this font sickens me. 600 teachers can submit 1200 flyers and I would puke fluffy kittens if I didn’t see Comic Sans every-frickin-where. Of all the fonts to choose from, they choose that? Might as well choose Courier, it’s just as generic. And they think they are being “creative”? Oh yes, and please use more Microsoft Clip art. You still have whitespace on the page!

Jay | 2 Feb 2006

My principal uses Comic Sans for every missive, agenda, and email he produces. It makes me sick. As others have said, this font says “I am lazy and completely unoriginal. I do not take myself seriously, and neither should you.”

Your name | 29 Jul 2006