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QueerFilter Update

Hit or Miss

QueerFilter Update

I’ve been spending most of my freetime lately working on QueerFilter.com, the GLBT Blog Directory/Aggregator that I’ve run (in one form or another) for the past 6 years.

Recently, I’ve added the ability for users to create a personalized list of blogs they want to read (kind of like a gay-Bloglines.com). I also added a user forum.

I’m really more of a programmer than a designer, so I struggle with figuring out how to make the site easier to use / more attractive. There’s no real model to follow, because other blog aggregators don’t use the same “filtering” concept that QF does. And I’m pretty clueless on how best to promote the site.

Any thoughts?

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Matt, I had no idea you were in charge of Queer Filter (we obviously don’t hang out enough). That’s totally awesome. My blog has been added. Hopefully it’s worthy enough.

Luke | 22 Dec 2005


Your design skills just get better and better. I remember at some point reading your old matthew kingston site and being underimpressed by your design (I don’t mean that as an insult. I wish I had the first site I ever made and sent to you for your comments. How embarrassing). To see this new update in queerfilter shows how far your skills have come. It’s something I’ve been watching and paying attention to, btw. I’ve learned a lot from you as far as design and blogging is concerned and felt like I’ve always trailed at least 3 steps behind.

As far as promotion, I think you’re on the right track with the forums. User involvement and community goes a long way. You might consider spending 50 dollars on adwords. I know it sounds bad but it’s easy and it works! I’m sure there are other more viral web2.0 ways to promote, but I can’t help there.

Jayson | 31 Dec 2005