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New glasses

Hit or Miss

New glasses

New Glasses

The vision component of my health insurance is changing with the new year (reduced benefits), so I finally got around to scheduling my first eye check up in 3 years.

I hate getting my eyes dialated. And you’re supposed to pick out frames you’ll be wearing for a year or two with your eyes in that condition? When you can’t even see how you look in the mirror anyway because the sample frames don’t have perscription lenses? I arranged for Jeff to help me pick out the new frames.

But I’m not sure the lenses are correct.

The optometrist had told me that my near vision had changed, while my far vision had not. This was apparently the cause of the headaches I’d been getting recently from being in front of a computer screen all day (it’s because my eyes were working too hard to focus near with that perscription).

She told me that she was going to write me a new prescription for “computer glasses” to wear while I worked. I didn’t want to have to constantly change glasses as I got up or sat down, so I asked her to write me a perscription for glasses I could wear all day. She said she didn’t recommend graduated focal lenses (because my eyes would “get lazy” from not focusing properly), so she dialed down the strength of the the far vision (because I don’t drive).

It always takes a day or two to get used to new lenses, but I’m kind of freaked out by my new glasses. My close vision is sharper than my old glasses, but everything further than 15 feet away is blurry. Wearing the new glasses for a couple of hours gives me a headache. Switching to my old glasses immediately relieves my eyes, but then I have trouble reading or watching TV.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to have to be constantly switching from one pair of glasses to another.

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I suggest putting them on first thing in the morning so that your eyes are rested. Going to Lenscrafters in the daytime and wearing the new ones home is a bad idea and you will have headaches. I too hate getting my eyes dialated. how am I to function during the day?

mediaguy | 17 Dec 2005

Actually, it was Wednesday night I got the new glasses. So, it’s been almost 3 days now of trying to get used to the new ones.

Matt | 17 Dec 2005

I hate to say it because I’m a lover of glasses myself but….contacts?

I would think that switching back and forth between frames would be MUCH better than not being able to see long distances.

jayson | 17 Dec 2005

Maybe its Lenscrafters fault. Ask them to recut the lenses. Or stay away from those types of places. My eyes arent something I cheap out on, and will go to optical stores a couple steps above a lenscrafters for that reason. Given that you have insurance and or a flex spending plan you should be covered no matter where you go.

mediaguy | 18 Dec 2005

Mildly related: when I first went to get contacts a few years ago, my doctor suggested I might have difficulty getting them in and out because of my “beady little eyes.” He really said that.

Andy | 18 Dec 2005

Wait ’til you get to be 40! I waited too long to admit the inevitable and get bifocals, until I was suffering from headaches and even double vision after a session of digital photo editing. The bifocals immediately cured those problems, but they’re a true pain in the arse. I had to give building my own computers because that is just too awkward with bifocals.

I do have a separate set of “computer glasses.” The alternative would be trifocals, or “progressive” bifocals that I refuse to even consider because I know so many people who could never get used to them. Switching glasses is a pain, especially at work when I need to switch when I get up or when someone visits me. But it seems to be the best available option.

Did the optician check your glasses to verify that they were correctly ground to the prescription? You shouldn’t be having those problems– and you are entitled to clear distant vision even if you don’t drive. I think your optometrist is full of excrement if she said bifocals would make your eyes “lazy.” You may well have reached the age where you can no longer focus both near and far with a single prescription. Nothing to be ashamed of, particularly if other body parts known to be susceptible to aging continue to function.

Go back to the optometrist and complain as loudly as necessary.

Ted | 18 Dec 2005

I don’t know who’s vision is worse, yours or mine? But the headaches will eventually go away. I have to wear different glasses when I weld. I have the no line bifocals, but you can’t focus up close if you are looking out of the top of them or sides. It sucks having to change glasses, but once you get used to it, it isn’t so bad. Hope the headaches go away…mine are starting to come back. Guess I should have my eyes checked…

Peanut | 20 Dec 2005

I *loathe* getting my eyes dilated. If you ask, they can give you another medication that will help your pupils contract faster; I just learned this tidbit by accident through idly chatting with my optometrist. Apparently they never offer, you have to ask for it.

Mush | 20 Dec 2005

Yeah, they did give me the additional drops, but I still hate it. I’ve worn glasses since I was 8 years old, so I’m very protective of my eyes and have trouble opening them wide to put drops in (nevermind contact lenses).

I went back last night finally and had them recheck my vision. The presciption for the left lense was a bit off, so it’s fixed now.

Matt Kingston | 21 Dec 2005

Since turning 40 my eyes get worse every year. I had 20/20 vision from up until 39 years of age. I wear “progressive” bi-focals so you can’t tell they are bi-focals. I’ve been complaining about how do I pick out glasses with my eyes diolated for years now. Its great to see i don’t have to suffer alone.

carolann | 15 Jan 2006

I just got glasses for the first time and the headaches started immediately. I work at a computer for 8 hours and I can’t stand to wear them for more than half an hour…any tips on how to get used to them???

Beth | 2 Feb 2006

Yeah me too man! I get headaches immediately. What’s up? I’d rather have the letters slightely blurred than this pain. Is this normal???

Mirek | 10 Mar 2006

I’ve just found out I’m short sighted age 30- have been getting pain at back of eyes. Got new glasses yesterday- but am disappointed- thought things would be much crisper than are – still seeing writing on signs abit double- is this normal? How long does it take to get used to new glasses- should you see perfectly straight away?? I found it difficult to say which lense was clearer coz they looked the same and my eyes were killing- don’t know what to do??

Niki | 6 Apr 2006

I work at an Optometrist’s office, and I wanted to let you know that there is a new alternative to dilation. There’s something called OptiMap which just takes a quick picture of your retina. They actually get a wider view with this method and a permanent copy of what they see (better than Dr’s notes). It is only 2D, though, so when our doctor sees something abnormal, he usually wants to dilate and see it in 3D. However, I must say, I don’t really understand why people are so bothered by 3 hours of blurry near vision. Oh well. I’m the one that’s terrified of the dentist, so I can’t really blame you.

Carolyn | 11 Apr 2006

Niki, I’m feeling your pain. I also got new glasses. This is my second week wearing them, and my vision is still blurred. Today I went back and was told that I may need to try “occupational” glasses for when I’m working on the computer. Is this realistic?

Barbara | 14 Apr 2006

44,contact lens wearer for 30 years, started having prblems with blurred vision when reading. Put off bi-focals for about 6 months. My near vision was getting worse by the month. By the time I gave in and got the bi-focals, my RX for the reading segment doubled. Now i’ve tossed the contacts- I can hardly function without the bifocals. I use computer glasses with higher bifocal as well. Sorry to tell you…the word Bi-focal hurts, but you and your eyes will adjust. Tara

Tara | 6 May 2006

When I got my eyes dilated I basically couldn’t stand to open them for 8 hours, my eyes hurt for a whole day spent laying on the couch. It wasn’t 3 hours of blurry vision. The upside was being able to see in a dark room. Get your eyes dilated as close to night as you can, if you have to do it.

Letitia | 11 May 2006

ive been wearing contacts,hadmy prscription changed twice, but im still get hedaches.my head hurts so much and i cant seem 2relax.i dont know if its the lenses,especially have my eyes chekd twice now,i dont know what2do.i want2go bk and tell them but not sure,they might think im being stupid.pls help.

haf | 14 May 2006

Blurred vision, headaches at near?
You are probably becoming presbyopic, and so need plus lenses to enable you to accommdate and see at near, however, if below the age of 40, and you’re getting symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision and occasional double vision for near, maybe you have a convergence insuuficieny problem, in which case plus lenses may be actually making things worse, optometrists do not always check your binocular status…not accurately at least, so maybe you have a latent squint which means your eyes have a tendency to drift out (present in 90% of the population) which is breaking down causing you to decompensate at near and thus become symptomatic. Simple orthoptic exercises would treat this. There may also be a number of other orthoptic problems, but the one mentioned above is the most common.

As for people struggling with changing glasses. What about wearing contact lenses for your general distance correction, and when having to read, wear your additional plus glasses as well. Still meaning you have to change, but at least not between two pairs of glasses. Altenatively, anyone heard of mono-lenses? You have one contact lens in one eye for near and one lens in the other eye for distance, and you are able to adapt as to which eye you use for which distance, you lose your binocular vision, but those who can accept that, cope really well with this method.

dp | 19 May 2006

I got my eyes dilated today several hours ago, and by the looks of it, they will not be back to normal anytime today. I have a fuzzy headache… and am ticked off because now atleast one half of my weekend is in the toilet! I’m excited to learn about the reversal drops and the OptiMap options.

Matt, how did it ever turn out? Did you get used to them, or did you pitch them and are now just wondering aimlessly about, bumping into things?

Janet | 29 Jul 2006

I am one of those peopel that when I get my eyes dilated I can’t see for 3 days. So when I go the eye doctor I tell them no dilation for me. My last eye doctor told me I was having so many problems with this because I have blue eyes.

Janet | 31 Aug 2006

What annoys me is that a contact lens hasn’t been invented that can take into account those who don’t permanently need glasses, such as myself. Taking my glasses on and off is more hassel i don’t need.

Dave | 14 Dec 2006

i have just got new glasses for work. i am slightly long sighted and my eyes were straining to focus so i ot headaches but everything was in focus. i picked up my glasses today and have been trying them out. my eyes have been stinging almost and i have been geting headaches when i wear them. will i get used to them or is it likely that my lenses are wrong? also things seem a little blurry but again i dont know if its just because i’m not used to glasses. any ideas?

Ziggy | 22 May 2007

i just got new glasses and on the first day my eyes hurt and the muscles hurt. its day two and its much better and it takes a while to get used to.

sandy | 28 Oct 2007

My vision is blurry all around, when i read and use the computer, when i drive, when i do anything basically. I have gotten glasses but seem to get the wrong prescription everytime (my vision is still blurry and out of focus right when I use them). What should I do?

Shawn | 7 Nov 2007

I just got glasses yesterday and they kind of work. I got them at Vision Works. I don’t know if they work. How do I know if they work?
I am near sided. I have trouble seeing far away things, like road signs.

Micaela | 9 Sep 2008

@Andy, I CANNOT beleive that your Dr said you had “beady little eyes”!

Jessica | 8 Aug 2011

I got used to mine pretty quick, but long distances are slighlty blurred

Jessica | 8 Aug 2011