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Hit or Miss


Jeff and I gave up access to in-building laundry when we moved to our new apartment (the old dorm had a laundry room right next to my office and I could wash clothes during my office hours). We’ve been taking our laundry out to a Wash-n-Fold place around the corner, but it’s a little expensive and sometimes the clothes haven’t gotten completely clean.

We’re looking to get a washer/dryer combo unit for our kitchen — we have the taps to connect to, but not the height to get a stacked unit. After a lot of research, it looks like we’ll be going with the Malber WD1000 (probably bought through A M Royal so I can avoid the NYC sales tax).

I just need to check with my Super about setting up the drainage hose this week and then we’ll go ahead and order.

Update: After one 5 minute phone call, it should be delivered Wednesday or Thursday.

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So when are you hosting a dinner/laundry party so I can come over?

Andy | 31 Oct 2005