Hit or Miss

The Plain of Heaven

This past weekend, Jeff and I went with some friends to check out a new collection of location-specific art installations in a vacant meatpacking warehouse located at the southern end of the High Line.

Quite bizarre. We had to sign a wavier upon entering because the building is technically condemned. I was really creeped out by the dancer performing William Forsythe’s dance piece, who seemed a little irked when Jon started playing with all the pendula hanging from the ceiling. But Leandro Erlich’s illuminated doors were haunting in a good way.

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Signing a waiver to get in is a leeetle spooky! Heh. Sounds fun, though.

Mush | 26 Oct 2005

It does sound like fun…wish I’d been there.

Jere | 26 Oct 2005

Yeah, I don’t think the dance piece was meant to be interactive. Jon upset the equilibrium. He excels at that.

Andy | 26 Oct 2005