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Across the Universe

I’ve seen a number of film shoots on my street and in the surrounding neighborhood (Washington Square Park) since we’ve moved here to W 8th St.

The whole street is blanketed with “No Parking” signs for Monday, indicating that a new romantic musical comedy (using Beatles songs) directed by Julie Taymor will be filming. I saw a couple of guys yesterday doing test shots of the New York Studio School across the street from our apartment, so I’m wondering if that will be the specific location filmed.

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hey i am in the movie and i can tell you this. They are not shooting on 8th street. THey were filming exterior shots to replicate the look of the area. 8th Street is too much compicated to shut down for this movie. Check some streets south of houston in SOHO the next couple of weeks. Hint Hint

Your name | 14 Oct 2005

Some of the movie will be shot in Liverpool in January 2006, casting for the smallparts will be this month (Novemeber 2005)in London and liverpool, England

Danny | 2 Nov 2005

I’m involved in this movie in Liverpool, England in a couple of weeks time. Wish me luck and I may even report back to you after the shoot!

Derek Lawson | 7 Jan 2006

I was an extra in the film set in the cavern club yesterday. It was so much fun, everyone all dressed up- it was just like bein back there in the 60s!

Amanda | 19 Jan 2006

Just like to let the world know that my 9 year old niece started her movie career as a Liverpool street kid singing Hey Jude in this movie. I reckon Megan is a star of the future!
Good luck Megan Jones!
Love Uncle James

James Appleby | 22 Jan 2006