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Hit or Miss


Joe of Joe.My.God (one of my favorite NYC Bloggers) has been posting about 9/11 this week and two of his images really hit home for me.

I’ve always felt a sense of disconnect with the attacks because I never thought at the time (living in rural Missouri) that I’d someday (2 years later) move to New York City, much less 3 blocks away from Ground Zero. I never saw the Twin Towers in person, it’s tough for me to imagine their presence towering over the Financial District (or how they would have been visible out my new apartment window).

In Joe’s post about the day itself, he included this photo he took. It’s one of the first I’ve seen with recognizable landmarks (the corner dipicted is visible out my old apartment window) that helps me to understand what my landscape would have been like had I been there.

The second image is a child’s drawing, posted on a fence, that Joe saved from a sudden thunderstorm.

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Hey Matt, thanks for the kind words! Very appreciated.

Joe.My.God. | 20 Sep 2005