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An afternoon at the Met

Hit or Miss

An afternoon at the Met

I finally got around to visiting the Metropolitan Museum for the first time yesterday. Because Jeff grew up outside of NYC visiting most of the major museums and sites, he usually doesn’t want to go anywhere he’s already been before.

The Temple of Dendur (of When Harry Met Sally fame) was closed for repairs, but we got to go on the roof and look out over Central Park. I enjoyed this painting of the Jefferson Market Courthouse (which is just around the corner from our new apartment), but I forgot to write down the name of the artist. And I have to say I was pretty uninspired by the recently acquired Duccio Madonna and Child. But what do I know about art?

While we were checking out the Duccio, I turned around and standing right next to us were bloggers Dan and Kathryn. While I haven’t read anything about it on their websites, it’s pretty obvious from their overlapping Flickr streams that they’re the most adorable couple ever. I was too embarrassed to introduce myself, so I surrepticiously snapped a picture of them with my Treo (and then thought better about posting it to Flickr). Here’s Kathryn’s own Flickr shot of the Duccio (taken while I was poking Jeff and trying to quietly whisper who they were).

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OMG, ace, Dan’s one of the sweetest guys in the weblogging continuum, you should’ve said hello. You could’ve totally walked up and said hey. 🙂

Jason | 5 Sep 2005

wow, dan and i have paparazzi! just kidding. that’s hilarious…next time please say hi!

kathryn | 6 Sep 2005