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Staten Island Ferry

Hit or Miss

Staten Island Ferry

Because I never really visited NYC before I moved here, I haven’t done most of the typical-touristy things (like visiting the Empire State Buiding or the Statue of Liberty). I finally got around to riding the Staten Island Ferry yesterday (after living a few blocks away for 2 years).

Back in October 2003, I had the afternoon off and idly thought about riding the Ferry (I had walked the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time with Sparky the night before), but the weather was looking bad so I went to the gym instead. As I was leaving the gym, the TVs broadcast news of a terrible Ferry crash. So, I didn’t feel compelled to ride the Ferry afterwards.

Jeff and I were bored yesterday so we rode the ferry to Staten Island and came right back. Uneventful, but a nice way to spend an hour. I got a closer look at Governor’s Island, which I want to visit before Jeff and I move up to the Village next month.

While departing the ferry, I noticed that we had just ridden the “Andrew J. Barberi” — the same Ferry that had been in the accident 2 years earlier. A little Googling uncovers an online petition asking for that ferry to be renamed.

had thought about riding it a few months after moving here, but then the

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THAT FERRY IS OUT TO GET YOU. Run away, retreat, retreat!

Mushlette | 9 Jun 2005