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Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Hit or Miss

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I’ve been really bad about relying on Jeff to chronicle our misadventures instead of blogging them myself (to the point of not really blogging anything at all lately), so I’m going to start with a recap of the holiday weekend.

Thursday: I went to Joel‘s book reading at the Barnes & Noble in Chelsea (and saw Sparky, Chris, Jon, and Michael). Jeff got there at the end and then we grabbed dinner at Chat N’ Chew.

Friday: Jeff and I headed up to Harlem to meet folks for a Barbarella / Xanadu double feature. We exited the subway into the middle of major crime scene (there had been a shoot-out 30 minutes earlier).

Sunday: Jeff and I caught the final Star Wars film, Revenge of the Sith. Late, we met Mike for Ethiopian food (tastier and more filling than I anticipated) and then Dan joined us for drinks at the Xth Avenue Lounge.

Monday: I originally thought I’d been needed in my office all day, but Jeff and I managed to sneak away to grab lunch at the Shake Shack, which everyone raves about. Unfortunately it was closed for Memorial Day, so we’ll have to try again next weekend.

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OK, the shoot-out was easily an hour earlier. Don’t be so dramatic. Besides, it’s normally such a quiet neighborhood…

Michael | 31 May 2005

According to the article, the shooting was at 6:30 and we got out of the subway a little after 7pm — we walked around for a while looking for a place to pick up dinner before heading over to your apartment. I didn’t feel unsafe — there were a million cops around 😉

Matt | 31 May 2005