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Hit or Miss


After Passion last night, we went to Barrage for drinks to celebrate Russ’ birthday. Jeff and I were talking to Michael Rose*, who admitted that he keeps mixing up our names. Jeff surmised that it was because we both have consonant-vowel-double consonant names, and that got us on to the topic of how unlikely it would be for a couple to each have that combination. It must have struck a chord with Mike because today he emailed me this list : “Matt, Jeff, Jess, Jenn, Jill, Nell, Bill, Bess, Robb, Tess, Biff.” Jeff also came up with “Will.”

I’ve always thought that Jeff and I would end up being called “Mutt and Jeff,” but the cartoon couple we most resemble is Walter & Perry from Home Movies.

* My circle of friends always calls him by his full name to distinguish him from Mike, but it’s starting to sound like “Veronica Mars.”

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Heh, I’d never seen Home Movies before, so I TiVo’d an episode last weekend (the one where they go to a Renaissance fair… next door to a sci-fi convention). Walter and Perry are adorable! (So are you two!)

Rebel Prince | 5 Apr 2005

Unlikely as this union may be, I still think my palindrome name supercedes your tandem consonant-vowel-double-consonant names. Plus, I can fit my entire name on a license plate. Do we really want to split hairs, old pal?


If I hooked up with a girl named Anna, I’d totally win.

Bob | 5 Apr 2005

I guess I need to change my spelling to “Tomm”. Worst of all, though, was when I (briefly) dated a guy named Jerry.

And I loved Walter and Perry when watching them after Jeff TiVo’ed the episode he noted; for the last two days now we’ve been repeating their lines to one another, and giggling madly.

Thom | 6 Apr 2005

Oh my god… you two are so us.

Tin Man | 6 Apr 2005