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Super Tower

Hit or Miss

Super Tower

Jeff spent last night watching TV network identity & promo videoclips from the 80s. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this website has two station IDs that I vividly remember from growing up in Birmingham, AL.

In the days before cable TV, WBRC-6 always bragged about their “Super Tower” (cue lightning bolt), the broadcast tower which gave them the strongest signal in the area. In the height of the “Miami Vice” craze, I remember thinking The Beat Belongs to 6 commerical was incredibly edgy and adult. And watching the Alabama’s Great commercial just brought an enormous smile to my face as I saw so many familar sights from back home.

A little more Googling unearthed the Birmingham TV Themes webpage and SouthernMedia’s News Music Search Archive. Apparently, many of the local TV news themes I grew up with were commercial packages used in TV markets across the country. Using SouthernMedia’s webpage, you can track different themes’ use across the country and listen to each station’s customization.

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But are there any clips of Pam Huff or Phil Rosen? They were my favorite B’ham anchors from childhood. Love the Huff! Love the Rosen (even when he got that ill-advised perm) :-)!

Max | 17 Mar 2005