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Questions Frequently Asked About TiVo, Answered by Someone Who Loves TiVo Too Much

Q: Will TiVo change my life?

A: No, TiVo will not change your life so much as He will destroy your previous life, permitting a new and improved life to rise, phoenix-like, from your ashes. Switching from cable television to satellite is �change.� Moving to TiVo is closer to rebirth.

A humorous article from The Morning News that sounds a little too much like actual conversations I’ve had with non-TiVo users.

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i love you TiVo. you perfected my life.

Me | 14 Feb 2005

Ah, Matt… I remember when you got your first TiVo… The look of joy on your face. Your dancing-clapping-gyrating form, flittering gleefuly around Centennial.
I was there to see Matt’s rebirth. It was scary at first, but, eventually, we got used to it.
Then he moved to NYC, but not before causing a little technological rebirth for all of us.
TiVo, you changed Matt, but you touched us all.

Bob | 14 Feb 2005