Hit or Miss

Unpacking my Mac Mini

A few minutes ago I got a call from my security guard, who told me a package had just been delivered to me. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was my Mac Mini, which I expected to be delivered on Monday.

Here’s a Flickr series of me unpacking the box. And here’s a much better series of unpacking photos. And Sparky just posted his photo set too.

Surprised to discover:

  • There is an tiny indicator light on the front to show power.
  • The silver side paneling is a brushed metal.

More as I play and discover…

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Arrival of the Mac mini

I’ve always wanted get a Mac before anyone else got their mitts on one so I could indulge myself in one of those blow-by-blow porn shoots of the unwrapping of the packaging. My time has come at last!. (Of course,…

Ultrasparky | 20 Jan 2005

It’s shorter than an iPod?!

Dude. I gotta see this.

Mike B | 20 Jan 2005

Ah, excitement! (And jealousy!) 😉

Rebel Prince | 20 Jan 2005

Damn.. I (stupidly!?) ordered through a local vendor to help support them. It looks like they won’t receive their shipments now until Feb 10th!!

Nice pics, they will have to do me until mine arrives 🙂

Dasme | 20 Jan 2005

Fantastic. I’d love to schedule an appointment to see this thing.

Matt | 20 Jan 2005

what are the actual dimensions of the power supply?? i’ve been dying to know!

Stella | 20 Jan 2005

The power supply is about 6.5 x 2.5 x 1.5″ big (or small).

Matt Kingston | 20 Jan 2005

What comes in the box? Do you have to supply your own external keyboard and mouse? How is the speed compared to any other computer you own?

JOHN | 20 Jan 2005

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mike | 20 Jan 2005

So we know the power supply is big, do we have a weight?

Franmcis G Sketch | 21 Jan 2005

The overall weight listed on the outside of the shipping box was 1.7 kilograms (about 3.75 pounds), and I’d say the mini and its power adapter account for about a pound each of that.

Sparky | 21 Jan 2005

did you order it with the wireless connection kit? theres also a video out on the net showing how to open it and upgrade the memory

dman | 24 Jan 2005

i may just play it safe instead, i’ve read about the crackling, and popping sounds when opening it up.

dman | 24 Jan 2005

What voltage does the PSU take? 110V or 110-230V ?

Liam | 26 Jan 2005

I’d like to know whether the power supply is compatible/interchangable with the power supply of a powerbook. Maybe that’s too much to hope?

Marco | 28 Jan 2005

Is there a tuner card option and 5.1 SPDIF output? Without that, it would be hard to use it for a media-center PC.

Robert | 28 Jan 2005