Hit or Miss

What’s in your search box?

What’s in your search box?: Anil is collecting a list of what is currently in the search box of readers’ Google Toolbar. Currently in my search box is “bathroom on the right” — I was trying to figure out if the concept of misheard lyrics has a specific name.

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And that would be a mondegreen, yes?

Thom | 1 Dec 2004

A-ha! That’s it!

Thanks for letting me know. I got distracted and never finished the search. Here’s a great website about Mondegreens.

Matt | 1 Dec 2004

My current search string is “suntrust spoof.” I had received some spam that looked like it was from SunTrust bank, but had all the tell-tale signs of fakery. How annoying.

Rebel Prince | 2 Dec 2004