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Corner of the Sky

Hit or Miss

Corner of the Sky

Last night I went with Jeff (his take), Mike (his take), and Dan to see a concert production of PIPPIN (photos).

It was truly amazing. I love living in New York and being able to go see Broadway shows on a regular basis. But being able to go to special one-time concerts is even better. I may not have gotten to see the legendary FOLLIES In Concert or DREAMGIRLS in Concert, but this was pretty awesome.

I’ve always had a soft spot for PIPPIN because I played the young boy, Theo, in a community theatre production back when I was in 2nd grade or so. Somewhere in my mom’s boxes of children detritus is a show & tell report I made of the experience, with misheard lyrics and stick-figure drawings. My mom sat through all those rehearsals with me and fondly remembers the show too, so I was so excited to share the news of seeing the concert last night with her.

Afterwards, we went to the restaurant where the after party was (photos) and sat at the bar and watched all the luminaries go up to the VIP room. After Jeff and I left, Mike finagled his way upstairs. Good thing too — I think if he had meet John Tartaglia, Jeff’s head would have exploded.