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HopStop.com: Door to door NYC directions, including subway and bus routes. Only about a year and a half late for helping me learn my way around New York.

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Hopstop.com ROCKS!!! I tried it! So easy to use

Anonymous | 1 Dec 2004

won’t let me get into it

greenthumb | 7 Feb 2005

Did you ever try SubwayInfo.com?

Edward Garrity | 9 May 2005

Unable to pinpoint precise locations on the MTA Subway Map and frustrated by the sometimes there, sometimes not there nature of the subway information on CitySearch, then try a better way to get around town.

It’s called SubwayInfo.com, and it offers a great way to plan your public transportation around the city. Enter you starting and ending addresses and get destination-to-destination directions at the click of a mouse.

Subway2NYC | 11 May 2005