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Can we make it through four more years?

Hit or Miss

Can we make it through four more years?

Overheard in line at my polling place this morning…. “I think all the ones with the white headphones are voting for Kerry.” [via boing boing]

I’d laugh more at that if I weren’t so distraught after reading Kerry is conceding the election at 1pm. Not that I’d want him to win without the popular vote based off provisional ballots in Ohio.

I can’t even begin to communicate how unhappy I am about the results of this election. This may be the event that will finally push me into seeking therapy for my depression and sense of malaise about the state of the world in general.

Andrew Sullivan neatly sums up the consequences (scroll down a little) for gay men and women. 11 states passed constitutional amendments to ban gay relationships. Will the U.S. constitutional amendment be next?

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No, that’d be pointless. They only did it because they knew they’d never get it through.

They don’t actually want this crazy shit to go anywhere; that would take it off the table, de-energizing their base and re-energizing the other side. And as dire as the turnout seems, the morals vote draws from a shrinking pool of voters. The FMA will not enjoy its current weak popular support for much longer, at which point it’ll be kind of pointless to try to push it through.

Mike B | 3 Nov 2004

Matt: I am dreaming! I have had a migraine since Tuesday.. this is just not real to me. I can’t believe four more years! I am shocked! More importantly, I am afraid…

tayo | 6 Nov 2004