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Booking a flight

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Booking a flight

Jeff (Thom‘s Jeff, not my Jeff) writes about the difficulties in buying airline tickets. I suffer from the same mix of procrastination and paralysis in trying to analyze the cheapest fares and most convenient times. Since moving to New York, I’ve also had to deal with picking between 3 different airports.

It took far too long for me to buy airplane tickets for (my) Jeff and I to visit Chattanooga in October for my brother’s wedding. In order to get a decent price and flight schedule, we’re going to have to get to JFK for a 6:30am flight. JFK is the one airport I haven’t flown in or out of yet, so I’m trying to look upon it as an adventure and not a challenge that could result in Jeff and my missing our flights.

Or maybe it took so long for me to buy the tickets because I’m still not convinced I’m actually taking my boyfriend home to meet the rest of my family.

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It probably diminishes the savings from the cheaper ticket, but I say take a cab…at $50 for 2 people, versus $30 for the shuttle from grand Central, you will get there on time, comfortably.

boifromtroy | 24 Sep 2004

Well, at least search engines allow you to write “NYC” as your departure city, so it chooses JFK, La Guardia, or Newark for you. You don’t have that convenience in, say, Los Angeles.

kobenhavn | 25 Sep 2004

Actually, you can do that in LA, although the code for this is not as widely used on the net as the NYC is for New York. It’s QLA, by the way.

JFK is so easy to get to on the A train that that might be just as fast (and way way cheaper) than a taxi or car service.

Jere | 27 Sep 2004

Have you tried Newark? It’s the best of the 3.

It’s newer, cleaner, less crowded, closer to downtown and you are not at the mercy of the *shudder* L…I…E….

i. bendito | 28 Sep 2004