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Replacing my Ipod Battery

Hit or Miss

Replacing my Ipod Battery

Frustrated that my Ipod battery seems to discharge quickly, I ordered a replacement battery and attempted to take my Ipod apart last night. 45 minutes later, I had managed to slice open my thumb and still hadn’t gotten the top off.

I had previously installed a hack that shows a number instead of the battery graphic on the Ipod screen. Since the number usually wavered around 430 — even after a full night’s charge –I figured the battery was going to die. Turns out the maximum number is 500, so maybe my Ipod was healthier than I realized. Now I have a battery ready for when it does (inevitably) fail. As long as I can manage to get the top off.

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My BF and I have first generation 5-gigs. His went through a stage during which the thing died after a minute. Seems to have had something to do with the version of software it was running. (Mine, for some reason, was always fine!)

P.S. Belated happy birthday! Welcome to 30.

Angelo | 23 Sep 2004

How do you crack the dumb iPod:-( I am equally frustrated and trying to replace my cracked LCD screen with a fresh one. After living with a ‘no-screen’ iPod for more than 6 months you can imagine how desperate I am to LOOK at it again.

Mandy | 29 Jul 2005