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Birthday week wrap-up

Hit or Miss

Birthday week wrap-up

Just a few notes to finally wrap up my birthday week:

  • I somehow managed to lose all my email from the past month, so thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes whom I didn’t get a chance to write back and thank.
  • On Monday, I met Jeff at the Newport Mall so I could pick up new pants for my suit (thank you J.C. Penney suit separates), because I’ve lost a bit of weight since the last time I wore it. I filled out one of those win-a-car contest forms you always see in the mall and had my new age bracket unforgivably reinforced, as I had to select “30-45” instead of “20-29.”
  • On Tuesday, my work colleagues threw me a birthday lunch and gave me a bunch of helium balloons. That is probably the worst thing they could have done for my birthday, because I had to take the balloons home later on the subway and I hate anything that calls attention to myself in public. I tried to project a cool, calm persona, pretending that I had picked up the balloons to give to someone else for their birthday. But everyone kept staring at me. At one point, the requisite crazy, homeless man entered my subway car and everyone’s attention shifted to his shouted ramblings. That is, until he stopped to stare at my enormous balloons and everyone’s attention reverted to me.
  • On Wednesday night, I took the train out to Montclair to join Jeff and his family for Rosh Hashanah. To make a long story short, I was fascinated by my first trip to a synagogue but now realize that I am so completely a Christian (secularly, if not still spiritually) and I don’t think that will ever change.