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Dog Sees God

Hit or Miss

Dog Sees God

Jeff and I caught Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead Friday night, which extended its run past its Fringe Festival premiere.

It’s been bantered around that the show does for Peanuts what Avenue Q did for Sesame Street, but I think that’s too simplistic a comparison. This is a far more disturbing exploration of childhood innocence lost, powered by some unexpectantly moving performances. Go and see if you get a chance.

Jeff had a strong reaction to the show as well.

Oh, and tiny, tiny Joan Rivers was way behind us in the audience (too far away to hear her trademark laugh).

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My boyfriend and I enjoyed this show. Didnt expect what was given. Amazing, and love the actors!

April | 19 Jan 2006

Disappointing, to say the least. The Peanuts “hook” was valuable for only the first few minutes and then the occasional in-joke (as in “I wonder how they’re going to handle such-and-such”), but the storyline was so tenuously attached to the gimmick that those could have been *anyone* on that stage, and it wouldnt have mattered. If anything, it almost trivialized the severity of the plot. The direction seemed pointless, as though the director thought it might be better to just let the actors do what they will (The party scene? Please, people…) rather than create any overarching concept.

Avoid this thing like the plague. It might have been fun in the Fringe, but at off-Broadway prices, you’re getting scammed.

Sean | 22 Jan 2006

Just say this show on friday. I absolutely loved it; I (and the rest of the audience) found it hilarious! The actors have been called “a bunch of B-list TV stars” and you may think so but their acting in Dog Sees God was brilliant! Definately recommended!

Hannah | 22 Jan 2006

My fiance and I saw this show recently and we thought it was incredible. It shows a hilarious twist on the Peanuts gang and pays homage to Shultz’s world at the same time.

DVAnt | 21 Feb 2006