Hit or Miss

Happy Birthday to Me

So I’m 30. And the world didn’t end.

Birthday wishes have been trickling in; thanks to everyone who sent me an email or IM.

I’m celebrating by eating a delicious sandwich from Pret A Manager and going with Jeff to see “Dames at Sea” at the Jean Cocteau Rep.

In what is threatening to become an annual tradition, I quit my job again yesterday and then un-quit. I think I’m coming to the end of the road of being a hall director, so this next year will be full of soul-searching for my next career.

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Yay! Happy birthday!

Rebel Prince | 9 Sep 2004

Mazel tov! Trust me, your thirties will be better than your twenties.

Thom | 9 Sep 2004

Happy Birthday Matt. You made it. Well done.

Matt | 9 Sep 2004

Matt, Happy Birthday! I concur with Thom’s assessment. Your 30’s will be brilliant. Now you need to have drinks somewhere so I can return the favor and come buy YOU a drink. 🙂

Jere | 10 Sep 2004

Happy Birthday Matt. Hope the next 12 months is everything you want it to be.

Morrie | 10 Sep 2004

Happy Birthday! Have a super year!

John | 10 Sep 2004


David Ehrenstein | 10 Sep 2004

I hope your birthday was great!

David July | 10 Sep 2004

Happy belated birthday! 😀

Jason | 11 Sep 2004

A very happy birthday! You bring hope to all of us soon-to-be-Thirtians.

Kevin | 11 Sep 2004

Happy birthday bud! May you have many more!
E-mail me your address so I can send you a special “Happy 30th Birthday” gift!

Bob | 12 Sep 2004

Happy Birthday – Virgos rock! (and so do the 30s, trust me)

Riye | 12 Sep 2004

Belated happy birthday, Matt! Hey, 30 is the new 20. You’re gonna love it.

Chuck | 13 Sep 2004