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New & Improved DailyCrawl

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New & Improved DailyCrawl

I’ve been using a set of CGI scripts I wrote called DailyCrawl (inspired by Dan Sanderson‘s BlogTracker) to read my daily blogroll for the past two years. Mike, Anita, and Chuck are still using it.

WordPress has the ability to manage a blogroll, but currently doesn’t have the template tags to mimic the output of DailyCrawl.

So, I’ve written a new version of DailyCrawl that acts as an extension to the WordPress blogroll.

Download DailyCrawl or see it in action. I’d love to hear any feedback from anyone who tries to use it.

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Chuck still uses it too!

Chuck | 6 Sep 2004

Oops! You’re right. I added you to the list. I actually have no idea how many people are still using the old DailyCrawl.

Matt | 6 Sep 2004

cool! If I switch to wordpress I’ll upgrade. right now I use a macro program to run the scripts “manually”, since my current host doesn’t like to schedule cron jobs in peak hours.

Anita Rowland | 8 Sep 2004

Actually, this new WP-powered version of DailyCrawl doesn’t require cron jobs at all!

Matt | 9 Sep 2004

is that because wordpress schedules the updates on its own? it hits weblogs.com on an hourly basis automagically?

Anita Rowland | 10 Sep 2004

WP keeps a cache of the weblogs.com update info. Everytime WP serves your index.php page, it checks to see how old the cache is and if it’s more than an hour old, it downloads a new copy from weblogs.com. At least, I think that’s how it works.

Matt | 10 Sep 2004