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Sidekick vs. Treo

Hit or Miss

Sidekick vs. Treo

Ever since pictures of the upcoming SideKick II were posted, I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for it to be released. I briefly had one of the original models, but the signal strength wasn’t strong enough in Kirksville, MO and I had to send it back.

I’ve been a Palm user for years and I wasn’t looking forward to giving up on my favorite applications (like Vindigo) if I got a SideKick. But I always thought the Treo 600 was really big and clunky from the pictures.

Then, one of my new residents showed me his Treo the other day and I’ve fallen in love with it. Now that pictures have surfaced of the Treo 650, I’m counting down the days to its release instead.

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I owned the Color Sidekick for 9 days before trading it in for a Sony Ericsson P800 at the last minute. Still have fond memories of that GREAT keyboard. At $300, the price beats the Treo 600 or 650 by a mile. But 160×240 screen vs. the rumored and hoped for 320×320 in the Treo 650 gives the Treo a huge advantage for those who can put together an extra $200 to score the Treo 650. I also strongly prefer the proven Palm platform to the Sidekick *platform* which was supposed to open up but never has. Throw in a memory card slot and the expected Bluetooth and the 650 looks like the perfect phone/PDA. Hope they can get it on the market here in the US soon!

Janet Tokerud | 6 Sep 2004