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Gov. McGreevey comes out

Hit or Miss

Gov. McGreevey comes out

I’m always amazed when people are shocked by the announcement of something widely known as an open secret. I knew for years that Rosie O’Donnell was a lesbian, but middle America still did a spit take.

My truth is that I am a gay American.” — Gov. James E. McGreevey.

Jeff’s been telling me for months about Jersey’s governor and his “aide,” so it’s been amusing to see all his political colleagues on TV proclaim their shock and surprise.

Like many in the gay community, I’m conflicted about his announcement (congrats on coming out, he shouldn’t step down just because he’s gay, he’s trying to gain sympathy to cover a deeper scandal…). But while some are harping on his use of “My truth” instead of “The truth,”I think the more interesting word choice is “gay American.” Prior to 9/11, I wonder if he would have felt the same need to wrap himself in the flag?

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I also cringe at flag-waving. But I don’t think that’s what’s going on. I am gonna guess that he was anticipating the next day’s headlines.

At a news conference, to have just said “I am gay…”, would have been portrayed by the straight media as an admission of guilt.

The phrase “Gay American” takes shame out of the equation. It is more clearly a statement of identity.

It also is unlikely to be interpreted as “I-am-attracted-to-the-same-sex-but-do-not-get-the-gay-lifestyle.”

I think it was a brave, and smart, move.

i. bendito | 14 Aug 2004

Apparently, the “I am a Gay American” line was written with input from the HRC (see 4th page of article).

Matt | 15 Aug 2004


Now I am cringing a bit. [I already am somewhat ambivalent when it comes to the HRC. I have yet to fully recover from their endorsement of Al D’Amato.]

Plus- if there was polling involved, why wasn’t I called?

“…civil rights…”?

He’s a Governor for crissake. Although as an openly-gay-Governor he definitely earns minority status….

And now Cipel claims to be straight and that he was raped?

I’m gonna lie down now, I have a sick headache….

i. bendito | 15 Aug 2004

I bet his wife is pleased.

Jayson Franklin | 16 Aug 2004

I dunno Jayson, cocksucking is cocksucking where I come from.

i. bendito | 16 Aug 2004