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Jeff and me with my Mom

Hit or Miss

Jeff and me with my Mom

My mom sent me double prints of some of the photos she took during her trip to NYC last month. Some of the photos are of “dykes on bykes” and Harvey Fierstein at the Gay Pride Parade, so I’m hoping that’s supposed to subtlety convey her acceptance of my being gay (which amazingly still hasn’t been directly addressed).

Here’s a photo of me, my mom, and Jeff in Central Park.

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It’s funny how much and how long people can ignore information even when it’s right in their face or is very important to their happiness. No, not funny. Sad. I think that’s where a lot of prejudice comes from. It’s not that people truly disagree with your lifestyle choice (or race or religion or whatever) but rather that they have been forced to come out of their comfy little worlds and confront new information. Then they lash out at the group they think is responsible for making them think.

I don’t know. Maybe not.

stark | 9 Aug 2004

So when you introduced Jeff to your mother, did you not say something along the lines of “Mom, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Jeff”?

It sounds like it might be time just to get it all out in the open. Make the phone call and raise the topic. Or send an e-mail. Had I waited for my parents to ask me point-blank about the gayness, they’d still not know and would probably never know.

At least you know they know. This will not be a surprise to them. But it sounds like YOU need to have this discussion more than they do. So initiate it and get it over with.

Jere | 9 Aug 2004