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Off to DC

Hit or Miss

Off to DC

Jeff and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow for a short vacation in Washington, DC. Photos will follow on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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My wife’s from North Virginia and so I’ve been to DC a couple of times, although I don’t think I’d ever go voluntarily… All I remember was “hot” and “pavement”. And “walking”. ‘Course it was the hottest week of the summer (’98 or ’99 or something). Aren’t there better places?

stark | 24 Jul 2004

Weekend update
Matt and Jeff were in town, and on Saturday night Thom and I met up with them at Dupont Circle. We all headed to Levante’s, on 19th Street, for a tasty Mediterranean dinner. Ah, great food and great company. (And…

Rebel Prince | 26 Jul 2004

*starts chant*

We want pictures! We want pictures!

; )

Silus Grok | 27 Jul 2004

pictures would be nice, even though this is the first time i’ve visited the site 🙂

Jesse | 29 Jul 2004