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DC Bound

Jeff and I are attempting to plan a last minute getaway to Washington DC next weekend. Jeff went to law school in Virginia, so he knows the area. I, on the other hand, know even less about DC than I did about NYC before moving here. Any and all advice on accommodations, attractions, dining, and navigating the city would be appreciated.

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Check out the protesters in Lafayette Park. At least I think that’s what the name of the park is. You’ll be able to see the anti-nuke lady who has been there for like 40 years (she looks like she wears a helmet with a wig over it.) I met her on a trip to DC during my junior year in high school, and she was recently featured in Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9/11 (an excellent movie, by the way.)

Bob | 15 Jul 2004

The Metro is your friend. When staying in the area, I usually select accommodations outside of the city to save some money and then park at the Metro Park-n-Ride. Even though it is basically the locomotive equivalent of a gigantic shopping mall, I enjoy walking around Union Station. If you like a great steak and/or salad bar, head over to Tom Sarris’ Orleans House in Rosslyn (their number is 703.524.2929). Have fun!

David July | 15 Jul 2004

I highly recommend Tabard Inn, which is where I stay whenever I’m in DC… it’s a little hip, a little shabby, a good deal, and the restaurant on the ground floor is top-notch.

It’s in Dupont Circle (a gay mecca in NW DC), a block and half south east of the Dupont Circle Station (Red Line).

Silus Grok | 16 Jul 2004