Hit or Miss

Mom in the city

Somehow I survived my mom’s visit to NYC (it helped that she stayed at a hotel with two of her friends). I was pretty nervous when I met Jeff’s mother, but it was even more nerve-wracking introducing him to my own — especially when my being gay has never been acknowledged out-loud in my family.

We did some touristy things and saw parts of the city I hadn’t explored yet in my year here (like the tiny Central Park Zoo). I also made the mistake of letting my mom and her friends go to the TKTS booth without me to get tickets for a show… I wound up having to go with them to Menopause the Musical. It was kind of cute and the audience seemed to love it (it’s been running for 3 years), but I learned much more about menopause — and my mom’s own personal experience with it — than I ever wanted to.