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Super Size Me

Hit or Miss

Super Size Me

Jeff and I moseyed out to the BAM Rose Cinemas in Brooklyn last night to catch Super Size Me, the new documentary about one guy’s 30-day all-McDonald‘s food experiment. We both got pretty grossed out by the fast food expose, but not enough to prevent me from grabbing a Quiznos sub to eat in my office for lunch today.

The coolest thing about the documentary is that it was shot largely in New York City and I recognized many locations. Sure, they were all McDonald’s restaurants around Manhattan, but I still recognized them, right?

Update: As usual, Jeff posted an in-depth reaction to the film while I posted “Weeeeee! I know that McDonalds!” Is there any question which one of us is the “deep” one in the relationship?

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We enjoy reading about the New Yorker metamorphosis.

i. bendito | 13 Jun 2004