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My Boyfriend’s Back

Hit or Miss

My Boyfriend’s Back

I have the best boyfriend ever. This week has already been stressful due to end-of-the-year checkout of the residence hall I manage, but I also came down with a horrible case of the flu (I’ve dealt with alternating fevers and cold sweats for the past 3 days). Back from San Diego, Jeff braved my germs last night to come over and watch the last episode of Angel and eat some takeout. I just hope he doesn’t get sick before his appointment to get his wisdom teeth taken out.

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And don’t forget the back massage! I gave you a back massage! 🙂

Anyway, aw, it’s my pleasure, sweetie.

Tin Man | 20 May 2004

Get well soon!

When I have the flu, I crave Indian — nothing makes me feel better than an order of spinach stew with cheese (saag paneer).


Silus Grok | 20 May 2004

Yes, thanks Jeff. I didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea by writing about the life-altering backrub you gave me. And Silus- I had some spicy food last night and I think it might have made things worse!

Matt | 20 May 2004

Hm… But was it saag paneer? Hm?

*shakes head at the foolishness of un-practiced amatuers self-medicating*

; )

Silus Grok | 21 May 2004

Getting wisdom teeth out is easy. Tell him to save one, cux they’re fun to have. The people who like them like them and the people who don’t think they’re grisly. YOu can’t lose.

E | 27 May 2004

Aww, youse two are so sweet. 🙂

Chuck | 29 May 2004