Hit or Miss

Blogger: now with comments

Blogger has launched a spiffy new redesign that finally implements comments.

I am reminded of An Open Letter to Blogger: Ideas about a Native-Comments System, which I naively wrote 3 1/2 years ago before the advent of both Blogspot and MovableType, whose comment tags and templates Blogger now mimics.

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I know my web design is hideous, but man I am not in love with the new Blogger. And ha ha it doesn’t even validate! All those standards gurus on the team for naught!

Jayson Franklin | 11 May 2004

Speaking as someone who’s now doing web work on the other side of the Big Internet Company curtain after years on the Average User side, I can say: cut them some slack on the validation. Who knows how many people’s hands have been on that code? They’re aware of it and they’re working on it. Douglas Bowman, who worked on the project, has said as much. :p 🙂

Jason | 12 May 2004