Hit or Miss

New Server

I’ve moved all my websites over to a new Virtual Private Server (VPS) at Tektonic. For $15 a month, I get 3 GB of space and root access, so I can install all the Perl modules my heart desires.

The tradeoff is that I have manage everything myself. I’ve managed my own Linux box before, but I had never set up a mail server to handle mail from different domains. So that I don’t forget what I did, here’s a few helpful links…

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15 bucks? Not bad. Do you just setup everything via telnet?

Graham | 5 May 2004

There’s both SSH access and Webmin, a decent web control panel.

hitormiss | 5 May 2004

Nice new design too.

Jayson Franklin | 5 May 2004

by the way, with the new design, i can’t read it in firefox….just so you know

dahl | 6 May 2004

It looks fine in Firefox to me…

Tin Man | 6 May 2004