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Virtual Private Servers

Hit or Miss

Virtual Private Servers

I miss hosting my site on my own Linux box and being able to install PERL modules, tweak the server settings, etc. I’m too cheap to sign up for a Dedicated Server, so I’m investigating signing up for a Virtual Private Server instead. I’m leaning towards Adiungo or Tektonic, unless anybody sends me feedback about other hosts.

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Just switched to http://www.surpasshosting.com

Just waiting for the dns to refresh but have another site hosted with them and they’re great.

Jayson Franklin | 29 Apr 2004

I’ve been running a site on Westhost for a while and they offer a lot of services for the money. But the best part is that they actually answer emails and help you out when you have a problem.

Keith | 30 Apr 2004

November 2005

Stay away from Adiungo. Though I think the previous owner of Adiungo started out with high ideals. I have had nothing but problems with them, and most of all a lack of integrity in their business practices. Lost e-mails, changes of IP addresses, DNS server issues, erroneous charges on our CC on file and then the rudest customer service support since they moved to Switzerland … Wasted so much time not to mention the frustration of being treated like this after I have been such a loyal customer through all of their trials and tribulations. The result, I finally paid them, though we had a credit owed us to get my files off of their server, they said I didn’t, and now they have destroyed the server. Lesson learned = pay the extra money for efficiency and integrity, don’t leave files on a server especially since you can’t be sure when you deal with this caliber of business what they will do with your information.

tp | 22 Nov 2005

Hosting Central has some good offers on dedicated servers. They also have virtual hosting packages. All plans come with administrative access and you can choose an Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® processor. Scalable bandwith, disk storage and RAM. No setup fees. 24×7 email support.

Dedicated Linux Server | 2 Mar 2006