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Still no GMail account

Hit or Miss

Still no GMail account

No, seriously. Who do I have to fuck to get a GMail account?

Two of my former RAs from Truman who use Blogger got invites today (my Blogger account is still more or less active, but I didn’t get an invite). And, I’m a registered Orkut member; but that hasn’t netted me an invite either.

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I have gmail too. 🙂

Miss E | 22 Apr 2004


Matt | 22 Apr 2004

It boils down to knowing someone (as is the case for most things in NYC haha) who can send you the invite.

Well, that and they like you enough to do it 🙂

Most cases, it has been someone who works for Google. I got one via that route.

diego | 22 Apr 2004

I’d say “Me!!!!,” but then Jeff would probably kill me.

Jere | 22 Apr 2004

It’s me. That’s right. You have to fuck ME to get a Gmail account. And you have to click my “I’m Feeling Lucky” button but good, if you get my drift.

Unlike certain spineless actors, I think I could take Jeff in a catfight.

TheBrad | 22 Apr 2004

a ha. i got one. i think this is gonna be google’s way of releasing shit from now on. it certainly builds up the desire of people to want one. then, when one person says they want it, another automatically does. pretty smart marketing.

pete caputa | 22 Apr 2004