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Weekend Update

Hit or Miss

Weekend Update

Jeff and I had a presidential-themed weekend, seeing both First Lady Suite and Assassins. We also spotted 2 ½ celebrities and finally sampled the manna of Beard Papa.

First Lady Suite was far more enjoyable on stage than it is on disc, and I agree with most of Mike’s review (except that I find Hello Again to be a much more accessible and enjoyable score). When I signed the sheet for my tickets, I saw Judy Kuhn‘s name listed below mine — I kept my eyes peeled, but I didn’t spot her. The crowd was buzzing instead about Cynthia Nixon, who sat 2 rows in front of us.

The next day on our way to Studio 54, Jeff spotted the adorable and surprisingly short John Tartaglia walking toward The Golden for his matinée of Avenue Q.

Ever since moving to NYC, I’ve been waiting to see my first Sondheim show (no, I don’t count the uneven Gypsy with Bernadette Peters). Assassins is one of those shows that sends chills down my spine, even though I found it flawed in the previous production I saw at the CCM. The Roundabout’s new production features some significant structural changes that help further define the characters of the (now disturbingly sexual) Proprietor and The Balladeer. The show still may not “work” entirely; but it stopped my breathing more than once. Say what you will about George Bush (I hate his presidency and can’t wait to see him leave office), but I don’t think I could stomach him being assassinated.

And now I can’t wait to see Sondheim’s The Frogs this summer and Pacific Overtures in the fall!

After Assassins, Jeff and I checked out the new mall, er… vertical retailing of the Time-Warner Center and did a little browsing in Tower Records. We then got in what I understood to be a short line for creme puffs at Beard Papa. People kept stopping and asking us what everyone was standing in line for (making us truly feel like people in the know). We each grabbed a Snapple (no longer the official beverage of NYC) and headed over to Central Park. Truly a beautiful afternoon.