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Hit or Miss


I went with Jeff to his family’s second night of Passover seder last night (and met his aunt, cousin, and cousin’s daughter). I was pretty nervous beforehand, but I managed not to make a complete fool of myself reading from the Haggadah (even though I thought the afikoman was the “afrokikkoman“) and I ended up having a lot of fun.

I’ve never been a big fan of Thanksgiving dinner before (probably due to my Dad ruining the turkey year after year with his smoker canister while I was growing up), but the similar Passover menu was fantastic. Jeff mom’s cranberry sauce with orange peel and walnuts was to die for (literally! — Jeff’s brother’s girlfriend is allergic to nuts and accidentally ate some, but fortunately she didn’t swell up like a balloon). And I got to have my first gefiltefish and matzo ball soup.

If Jeff and I wind up together for the long haul, I won’t mind becoming a “Christmas / Easter Jew” (our favorite joke from the lamentably cancelled Wonderfalls).