Hit or Miss

Donnie Darko

Last night Jeff and I officially became the last people to finally watch Donnie Darko. At the time of its release, I remember avoiding reading what anyone had written about it so as not to spoil the movie for myself. But after going back through a bunch of blogger’s archives, I realize they were as confused as I was by the film.

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yeah id have to say thats a total miss.
what did you not get about the movie? 0_o

brit | 20 Mar 2004

Not the last…I have yet to see this one.

Jere | 20 Mar 2004

Confused, yet engaged, enough to go out and buy the DVD, then watch both sets of commentary — which occasionally bring to light some of the less obvious aspects of the movie – like the fact that Frank’s car passes Donnie on his bikeride down from the hilltop in the very first scenes.

yezbick | 21 Mar 2004

an amazing movie that you’ll get more, and like more, each time you watch it. watch it again! (besides, donnie’s cute).

christuttle | 22 Mar 2004

The day after Matt and I watched it, I actually bought the DVD, because I knew I’d want to watch it several more times. (Besides, it was only $9.99 at Best Buy.)

Jeff | 22 Mar 2004

I have had Donnie from Netflix now for a month and haven’t watched it. I think I shall return it and just give up on being cool.

Aaron | 24 Mar 2004