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Meet the Parents

Hit or Miss

Meet the Parents

I met Jeff‘s parents yesterday at his mom’s birthday brunch. A pretty big step I guess. We brainstormed about what I could give his mom (since it would be my first time meeting her) and settled on a box of chocolates from Jacques Torres (which she loved).

Jeff was a bundle of nerves beforehand and I was afterwards (unconvinced that they had liked me). But it went well. Now I have a few months to worry needlessly before my mom visits NYC this summer and meets Jeff.

The food, by the way, was delicious. Afterwards we took a walk around the Village and basked in the relatively warm air, marveling at how many cafes had pulled out their sidewalk table and chairs from winter storage.

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Jere | 1 Mar 2004

How about a photo of you and Jeff together? I love seeing gay couple pictures.. they’re sweet! 🙂

JON | 3 Mar 2004

Met the Parents
Oh — and if you’re curious, this went well. It’s true that I was a bundle of nerves beforehand, especially because Matt and I were late due to having to wait 15 minutes for a stupid A train. But it…

The Tin Man | 1 Mar 2004