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Hit or Miss


I learned that my furniture order from IKEA was not supposed to come last Friday after all. It won’t be delivered for another 2 or 3 weeks. WTF!? I don’t think I ordered anything they wouldn’t have in stock at the IKEA in NJ…

Second, I bought a new Sony Clie TJ-37 yesterday (they’re not supposed to come out until March, but Circuit City started selling them early). I’m psyched about having a color screen, built-in camera, and WiFi access. The only problem is the WiFi node by my office was disabled due to security concerns. D’oh!

So, I want to set up a wireless access point in my apartment. We have 10/100 Ethernet jacks in the building (and I have a spare port). What exactly do I need to buy?

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That Clie looks pretty badass. I’m so jealous! As far as wi-fi is concerned, all you would need is this. I’ve got one at home for Jen’s laptop and it works like a charm. Cheap (for the market), easy, reliable. Good stuff.

Bob | 25 Feb 2004

IKEA never has anything in stock…for anyone. it’s highly frustrating.

mark | 26 Feb 2004