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Perpetual Anticipation

Hit or Miss

Perpetual Anticipation

Forget Chris Parnell, I saw a much bigger celebrity this weekend…

I had cleared my entire weekend so I could put together the furniture I had ordered from IKEA. But the furniture did not arrive as scheduled on Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday…

Undaunted, Jeff and I threw ourselves in a weekend of activity anyway. We watched a lot of TV, including Camp (which we picked up at J & R). And we visited the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, which is not only just a few blocks away from where I live but also free!

On Sunday, Jeff felt like seeing a show so we did a little homework and discovered that the Valhalla has Sunday night performances where all tickets are $20.

As we entered the lobby, Jeff spotted Nathan Lane in the corner (The Producers only has a Sunday matinee). Just before curtain he came and sat down right in front of me. It took everything I had in me to be a cool New Yorker and resist asking him for an autograph (we didn’t see anyone bother him all night). The play, by the way, was hilarious if a little unfocused.

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What did youy think of Camp? I was rather disappointed by how disjointed the whole thing felt.

Chris | 23 Feb 2004

I just interviewed for a job that must be in your neighbourhood. I walked by the museam on my way from the subway to the interview. Nice title of your post, by the way. 😉

Jere | 23 Feb 2004

Just wait til Nathan Lane tries to pick you and your friends up in a bar. Nasty old man!

Aaron | 24 Feb 2004

holy mercy, i love camp. it makes me cry on the piano join-in bit in ‘century plant’.

John | 24 Feb 2004

Good Old Reliable Nathan
Last night, Matt and I went to see Valhalla, Paul Rudnick’s newest play. As we entered the lobby, I saw three people standing together, and I realized that one of them was Nathan Lane. I leaned close to Matt and…

The Tin Man | 23 Feb 2004