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The Evil Geniuses of Kiddie Schlock

Hit or Miss

The Evil Geniuses of Kiddie Schlock

The Evil Geniuses of Kiddie Schlock: I watched the H.R. PufnStuff et. al. marathon last night and can’t imagine why anyone ever liked those shows.

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Erk… those were the definitive Saturday morning shows of my childhood, and I loved them, especially Land of the Lost, Electra Woman and Dynagirl, and The Bugaloos. My cousins and I even used to regularly act out the latter (I always was Courage, ’cause I had such a crush on him). In fact, I’ve got my TiVo set to record it, though I definitely felt I was getting a weird vibe from Jeff last night when it was playing.

All I need now is a big bowl of Qwisp, some feety pajamas and a glass of Nestle Qwik, and I’m seven years old again. Sigh.

Thom | 18 Feb 2004