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Valentine’s Weekend

Hit or Miss

Valentine’s Weekend

Jeff and I had a fun Valentine’s (extended-)Weekend.

On Thursday we had dinner at the Heartland Brewery in Union Square (I had an absolutely delicious sesame-encrusted seared tuna) and we saw Chris Parnell (my first celebrity sighting!).

Friday we had dinner at Madame Claude, a charming little French café in Jersey City with amazing crepes. We’ll definitely be eating there again.

On VD itself, we managed to sneak in without a reservation to a perfectly-bland Italian restaurant with hideous service before going to see CAN-CAN at Encores. The show itself was also perfectly bland, but Patti Lupone was a treat (even if we could only see the top of her head from our $15 cheap seats in the rear balcony). Afterwords, I finally got to meet Jere as we went for drinks at Vnyl and dished like the total show-queens we are.

Sunday, Jeff and I met Thom and Jeff, an adorable blogger couple visiting from DC, for brunch at Chat N’ Chew.

Finally, yesterday we met up with Mike and Dan to watch Robot Stories. We all had mixed feelings about it, but seemed to agree that the first and second segments were enjoyable. Then I spoiled my dinner with a turkey sausage from Mandlers. Later that night, Jeff and I meet up with his friends Sarah and Shah for dinner at Bar Tabac in Brooklyn.

Phew! Our social calendar seems to keep getting busier and busier (but what I’m most looking forward to is meeting Jeff’s parents at the end of the month).

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Hmmm… I see that Robot Stories is here at the AFI Silver for a week, beginning this Friday. I think I definitely want to see it.

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