Hit or Miss

‘Latte on Aisle 4′

Walmart is experimenting with a new Starbucks-style coffeeshop that will deliver your drink while you’re shopping.

Because you know, you really can’t take time out from pawing your way through mountains of sweatshop-manufactured clothes and local-business-destroying loss-leading wares to actually sit and enjoy your double mocha.

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Ouch. 🙂 Seriously, though, just what we need — crazed caffeinated shoppers playing bumper carts. Anyway, how is someone supposed to push a shopping cart while holding a cup of coffee?

Jeff | 3 Feb 2004

Since when did Walmart become a “destination?” When I head to a Walmart, my object is to get in, get what it is that I need, and get out as quickly as possible. I’m not there for fun. I have a hundred other things I do for fun.

Jere | 3 Feb 2004

at the walmart near my parents place in virginia, there’s a McDonalds in the center of the store, with – and i’m not kidding – a parking lot for your shopping carts. Oy.

jon collins | 4 Feb 2004

Yup. We used to visit my late grandpa all the time in Kerrville, a little mostly-retirement community about 2 hrs. west of Austin. They had a huge-ass walmart, open 24 hrs. a day, complete with built-in McDonalds at the back of the building.

Mark | 5 Feb 2004

I wonder if any Starbucks outlets in the non-24-hour Wal-Marts will be providing food and drink to the employees that they lock in every night.

Chuck | 5 Feb 2004