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Small town NYC

Hit or Miss

Small town NYC

I wasn’t surprised when I met a grad student who had worked for an old friend of mine at his last university.

I wasn’t surprised when I bumped into a guy I knew from undergrad leaving Union Square.

I was, however, surprised last night night to discover that one of my building’s residents went to high school with me — she was a freshman when I was a senior (and we acted in a play together). Now she’s all grown up and attending the Actor’s Studio (and I’m just a Hall Director).

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The world is a weird, random place filled with connections you’d never expect. I imagine that as it’s true on the small scale, it must also be true in the big city. 🙂

Miss E | 27 Jan 2004

Miss E is right — today I discovered that my student loan officer person is one of my fraternity brothers. How weird is that, anyway?

Bob | 27 Jan 2004

Please, please pass my information to this person –
I have a vague I idea of who it is . . . I would love to be in touch. How about a Thespian reunion from 91-96 next year?

Ellen Carr Alexander | 29 Jan 2004