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Little Me

I’ve been looking to buy some new cutlery, but I haven’t liked any of the patterns I’ve seen so far. But the really annoying thing is that all the knives, forks, and spoons I’ve seen for sale are gigantic. Like too – heavy – to – lift – off – the – table, too – big – to – fit – in – my – mouth enormous. Have I mistakenly been shopping in Big & Tall kitchen stores?

Or am I shrinking? Now that I’ve become a little more fashion conscious after moving to NYC, I’m trying to replace my baggy Midwestern wardrobe with more flatteringly cut garments. But while I used to buy size-large shirts, I now find that even “smalls” are sometimes too big. Maybe I should start shopping in the kid’s clothing section like my boyfriend

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[My] Jeff tends to wear XS clothing when available (like from gap.com), as small often is too large for him; it’s just about right for me, and I’ve been known to shop in the boy’s department now and then for a better fit.

Thom | 23 Jan 2004

try the farberware collection at century 21 (if it’s still there, you never know with that place), it’s inexpensive, nice looking, and not enormous like pottery barn silverware. For something a little fancier, try crate and barrel.

jon collins | 24 Jan 2004

Century 21 was the first place I looked (I live 2 blocks from it). They only had Land of the Giants silverware. I’ll have to check out Crate and Barrel tomorrow…

Matt | 24 Jan 2004

I have silverware from Crate and Barrel and it is 1) stylish 2) well sized and 3) not unrealistically expensive…All in all, a good choice.

Chase | 26 Jan 2004

Try Oneida. Some of their stuff is really nice, and has a good weight. My nice silverware is Dansk Tjorn – it’s a little odd, but feels great in hand.

Miss E | 27 Jan 2004

Let me guess: you have a tight, little waist like your boyfriend too, eh? Carson Kressley might not concur but stylistically it doesn’t matter whether it droops or clings when you have a squeezably slim frame; every thing looks good on you! And on that fashion bon mot, I’m off to buy another pair of envy green jeans.

And … I second Oneida. Mikasa is good too.

Chris | 28 Jan 2004