Hit or Miss

The dream of every New Yorker

Danby counter dishwasherImagine my surprise when I returned home today and found a dishwasher waiting for me. I had ordered a Danby Countertop Dishwasher for myself as a birthday present back in August, but then Office Max said it was back-ordered. I kept checking back until my order disappeared from their system after a few weeks and then I promptly forgot all about it. Oddly enough, I was recently thinking about trying to reorder it… (so it’s a good thing I hadn’t gotten around to that yet).

I had to rearrange my kitchen quite a bit to set it up (the thing is HUGE!), but my first load of dishes went off without a hitch. Maybe now I’ll start cooking more often?

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Woo woo! Looks pretty sexy. Can’t wait to see it. I may have to get one myself…

Jeff | 16 Jan 2004

Yay~ Dishwasher Rulez~

Wayne | 16 Jan 2004

sounds like a great gift for my friends in brooklyn.

Jayson | 16 Jan 2004

Your too lazy to wash 4 dishes?? What a total waste of money. The time it takes you to load the thing you could have washed, dried and put away your four plates. Sooooooooooooo pretentious.

Hillda | 20 Jan 2004

Not only am I too lazy to wash my dishes, I’m too lazy to put them away after they go through the dishwasher. Similar to the same problem I have folding my laundry after I wash it.

Matt | 20 Jan 2004