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Integrated Quicklink Redesign

I’ve redesigned the front page of my weblog to combine the regular blog entries with the Quicklinks in one column — basically copying Jason Kottke‘s recent redesign. I tried doing this once before, but I couldn’t write an SQL statement in my old CMS that would accomplish it.

Unlike Kottke, I’ve managed to format the entries with 2 different templates using only simple MT plugins (and without having to use the MT SQL plugin). I simply had to make one useful addition to the Global Listings plugin, which I’ve suggested to the author for his next release. As soon as I get a chance, I’ll post the templates I’m using.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

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Very simple and sleek. Loving it. Could use a dash of color though. Maybe have the top be red and not grey.

Miguelito | 30 Dec 2003

At some point in the last redesign, comment links got added to your index.rdf so posts reload in an aggregator every time someone comments. I don’t know how many people use your feed but I really like it except for that!

brian w | 30 Dec 2003

i like it and would love to check out the templates, since i think i’d like to integrate my movie reviews into the main part of the blog.

dahl | 30 Dec 2003

Is it just me or is the stylesheet changing every few minutes? 😉

TheBrad | 30 Dec 2003

I think this is your nicest layout yet. Very sharp. And the feed works right now, too. Yay!

brian w | 2 Jan 2004