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100 Greatest Musicals?

Hit or Miss

100 Greatest Musicals?

Channel 4 in Great Britain names the supposed 100 greatest musicals of all time. Let the fact that the Pulitzer-Prize-winning How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying barely squeaks in at #93 — while 8 Mile is ranked #40 — tell you a little something about this list…

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Grease? Grease?????


Tin Man | 28 Dec 2003

The awful thing is that they seem to have no contact e-mail address, so we can’t tell them that they’re fucking morons.

Jesus. A retarded cocker spaniel could produce a better list than that one.

Mike B | 28 Dec 2003

British TV is swamped with these “lists” at the moment. Best book (LOTR), best Briton (Churchill), best single (something horrible by U2. The only defence I can offer is that they are compiled by public vote and should, more accurately have been titled “most popular” rather than “greatest”.

Jonathan Hales | 3 Jan 2004

Yet Another Reason Why Julie Andrews Rocks
This list of the 100 Greatest Musicals has The Sound of Music at #2 and Mary Poppins at #5. Have you ever noticed that she has a carpet bag in both movies? (via hit-or-miss)…

swirlspice | 2 Jan 2004